Sunday, August 9, 2009

'Its a dog's life'..which is way better!!

'Some people are successful, happy and have a life...others are women...'

In the country we have drives like..'Stop female infanticide' or 'Sex determination is illegal'..have any of us wondered, how do these things actually help..I personally do not feel they help at all!..Considering that we follow these and let the girl child be helpful is that??..The girl dies so many deaths in her entire life leave alone the fact that she barely has an identity or a life of her own at all. Say a girl is born in one of the villages of Rajasthan, Punjab,Bihar U.P, Maharashtra, Assam..or any other state for that matter, dose she get education..HARDLY, that is if at all. She's hardly ever allowed to do the same things as the boy of the family is, add to that she is always reminded that SHE IS A GIRL,which is like the worst thing she could ever be. A boy on the other hand if ever found crying or cribbing is told 'not to behave like a girl'!!..Come to think of it for any thing good or brave one does,one is 'Being a MAN'..and for anything stupid or dumb that happens its supposed to be 'Oh SOOO GIRLY'!(and these things are as true for the biggest of cities as for the smallest of villeges)
The female is married off as early as possible. Even if her parents do wait for her to turn eighteen till she gets married, she is considered to be a burden all along..her marriage is more like a transaction or a 'sale', where a 'KANYADAN" happens which is also,apparently, a 'mahadan'(WOW!!). There are things like 'gau daan', 'ann daan' and there is 'kanyadaan', because the girl is but a 'thing' in the society waiting to be given off as a 'donation'...and there it is, she's born as her father's daughter and then donated to live as a person's wife. What about her identity..Who CARES!! (the boy however remains his father's son and grandfather's grandson for his life!!)
Does she have a family, apparently she does,the one she is supposed to 'serve' for life. Technically only men have families, only they, after all 'carry foward' the family name. Say I am born as Ira Bose, after marriage I become Ira Sharma,my son 'something Sharma' and carries forward his father n grandfather's name (what has the mother got to do with the children anyways!) while my daughter 'someone Sharma' becomes 'someone Something' after marriage..what does it even matter she's not a part a of the family anymore anyways!

A girl is suppose do be dressed in a particular manner, and behave in a particular manner, while boys can wear what they want behave the way they want (its the girl who gets blamed for their bad behaviours so it really does not matter at the end of the day)..this is since the girls 'lead' the boys to behave badly, however, a boy clad skimpily never leads a girl to misbehave..that would be only because 'men' are humans and women are not,they are just things, or immortals like the tables n chairs around us,devoid of feelings, emotions, biological, hormonal or any other changes so to say.
A girl once married is supposed to serve her husband n children,cook and clean (she might as well be the servant of the house, unpaid at that) and give birth..and make no mistake, she is supposed to give birth to a birth to a girl would be equal to giving birth to a 'donation' or burden' you see..and this is true even for the most educated and modern of families, to the extents that in he name of culture a married women is not supposed to wear some particular colours or do some particular things till she gives birth to a boy...Are we still talking about Indian culture and traditions??..quite sadly..Yes!
Once the boy is born, n the female has spent all her life serving the two men in the family, all she waits for is a daughter-in law..who can now be made to serve. Can you blame the mother-in law for taking it out on the next female in the family??..after all the mother-in-law was is a human too (though she's never been considered to be one at the very first place).she has gone through the worst and has throughout learnt that you can only take it out on a female so the daughter-in-law becomes the victim
That's the Circle Of Life for The Girl. Its a vicious circle. Do you still think female infanticide should be banned!??! Is it not better to do away with the foetus, which cannot even feel any pain than making the girl go through a lifelong chain of deaths which are way more painful!..and this is since we really do not seem to be getting anywhere with 'empowering women'..its something that's just been said but hardly been done..
why else..
We still hardly have any women oriented films, women are but props in films, television and ads
We do not have female fighter pilots, or females becoming Chief in defence services (their service period is limited and much less than that of their male counter parts)
A married man is supposed to only earn, doesnt matter if he doesnt cook or take care of the house,he's still a good husband. A married woman working or otherwise is supposed to take care of the house, cook and take care of her husband, and be excellent at all of that else she woud not be a good wife!!(thats again because she's a woman not a human!)
Two people having a serious conversation which is worthwhile might be said..'talking MAN to MAN'..while two people discussing something useless, by which they might be simply wasting time is called 'GIRL talk'
I can go on to add to that list, but all I want to say at the end is.."SPARE THE GIRL CHILD"...let only boys be born, since thats what everyone seems to be wanting, and a day will come that there will be no girls on the face of this earth, and our species will therefore be on the the threshold of extinction..I think that is what it will take for one and all to realize the impostance of what is known as the 'WEAKER SEX'

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Lone Truth

They say "words and arrows once released, cannot be recalled..", that might be true, I am not here to comment on any of that. The one thing, according to me that goes around but never ever comes around is, TIME. Not that one needs to be a rocket scientist to know that, nor am I the person to have 'invented' this fact. But, a person like me, 'a jack of all trades master of absolutely none' is the perfect person to have, actually in the true sense, had realized that.
Nine years of professional training in Indian Classical Dance. Twelve years of being one of the best elocutionist and reciter. Six years of being one of the leads in the school choir. Umpteenth number of years of being an awards winning painter/artist. Today I sit pursuing none of those and regretting the time that I left doing each of them. How much ever I squirm or pray i cannot go back into time and pick up anyone of them from where I left and make my mark in any of those fields. That's the power of Time, we might be able to re-start from scratch but we cannot carry things forward from where we had left it.
It has been compared to innumerable things. Some say it runs like water, others say it slips like sand. But to me Time is incomparable. Sand might slip away from one's hand according to your grip but you can always pick up another handful of it. Water might run, but we all know where exactly its headed to. Time does not slip, it does not run, it has its own pace, and its on us how we perceive that pace. Once its gone, its gone, it is humanly impossible to get a fist full or even a pinch full of Time at our will, and we surely have no clue to where it all actually goes.
Nature is more fantastic than fantasy,and to me time is the most amusing of all its creations.Humans are undoubtedly superior to all other lesser mortals, but Time successfully beats our wits and reminds us that we are but one of the infinite mortals, powerless and helpless in its the hands.
When we begin something we must go through with it without giving up in between. That's how nature in its very basic form works, and that is the one and only way to do it. We as humans believe in being positive, and positive one should be...but the lone truth that stands unfaltered is that, there is really 'no second chance', or ' second time'...Time only comes and goes, it never comes back.